Petroleum & Gas Services

Abha Global Ltd offers installing LPG network systems with LPG storage tanks for large gas consumers, such as factories, hotels, restaurants etc. The company offers the safest and most advanced gas network system in the country, with guaranteed continues LPG supply and maintenance.

Gasoline, diesel and crude oil

Importing petroleum products to Yemeni ports. We have our own exclusive sources we trade with, which are considered among the largest petroleum suppliers in the world.

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)

Yemen’s local production of LPG by the government covers less than 70% of local demand. Therefore, we import LPG to Hodeidah Port in order to cover the demand of our LPG plants around Yemen. We make consistent supply of LPG to our plants reserve tanks to ensure meeting our commitment to our clients of continuous supply during crisis times.

LPG Plants

We offer this service to our clients by providing LPG tanks with capacities ranging from 450L - 20,000L. We have our own professional experts team to install the tanks and connect them through LPG pipes

Gas Stations

We have our own fleet of portable dispensers mounted on light truck with supply tanks capacity of up to 20,000L.

Transportation and Logistical Support

• LPG transportation trailers with a fleet of over 100 trailers sizing the standard capacity of 57m3
• Oil transportation trailers (petrol and diesel) consisting of over 50 trailers ranging in different capacities from 50,000L to 80,000L. This fleet enables the company to transport an estimated 3,500,000L at the same time.

Strategic Storage

We make a strategic storage of petroleum products with over ten million litres as a reserve in the main cities of Yemen, this helps us to face critical situations at crises times in which we aim to deliver the service we committed to our clients.