Business & Services

Importing Sector

Importing petroleum products such as Gasoline, diesel , crude oil and Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)

Transportation and Logistical Support Sector

The company owns a large fleet of trucks and trailers in different sizes. This fleet is spread throughout Yemen for petroleum products distribution

LPG Plants

Our company is the dominant in LPG field in Yemen with a market share of over 40%. Our LPG plants are spread throughout most Yemeni governorates. We offer two types of LPG services ( traditional supply chain , Large consumers supply chain)

Gas Stations

Regular and direct fuelling of petrol, diesel and kerosene to cars and trucks from the gas stations.

Our Latest Projects

Turning big ideas into great products.

Our goals in Abha Company is to be in the forefront as the best petroleum and gas provider and supporter to our customers in Yemen
Customer satisfaction is one of our core goals, we always aim to deliver a quality service that meet our customers’ expectations.

Developing ideas into Reality.

Developing and modernizing the Group's oil and gas stations with the aim of improving our supply chain efficiency.
Increasing the number of oil and gas stations to meet the growing demand for oil and gas.
Develop and train staff to become highly skilled so that they are able to provide a more modern and optimized service.

Our Main Clients

We have hundreds of clients in Yemen ,We supply industrial plants, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, embassies .....etc.